Our weekly auctions start and end on Mondays.

Aside from a few exceptions, we'll ship your items from El Paso, TX within 48 hours of payment. We have been on eBay for numerous years - in that time, we've built a reliable reputation for being a top-quality dealer.

Are you an international customer but aren't sure if we can ship to you? Every eBay auction we run includes international shipping, courtesy of eBay itself. You can also use the link below to participate in our current weekly auction now.

Sell your coins at our online auction

The weekly auctions we host in El Paso, TX are made possible by people who want to sell their coins. If you're looking to make some profit off your coins, we invite you to proceed with the following process:

  • Contact us by phone or email
  • Let us know what items you're sending in
  • We'll receive your items and list them in our next auction

Please note that items sent to us before the consultation will not be accepted for our eBay auctions. A quick phone call or email can streamline this process for your peace of mind. And as always, if you have any questions about these options, please reach out today.