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With over 50 years of coin collecting and dealing under our belt, we can find solutions to any logistical problems getting in the way of you buying or selling a collection.

You can trust us to:

  • Find our way to you regardless of distance
  • Appraise your coin collection or unique item whether you're selling or not
  • Help you find ways to increase your collection with amazing pieces

We always offer a great price and are passionate about helping you. Get in touch with us today if you need the help of a professional coin dealer.

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Are you new to coin collecting in El Paso, TX? Do you need a professional coin collector to answer some questions about the hobby? Tex Mex Coins Of El Paso is always available to give you information free of charge.

Some common questions we can help answer include:

  • How much is this coin worth?
  • What is the significance and history of this coin?
  • Where can I find more coins to add to my collection?

Our friendly and personable coin show dealer will take the time to educate you on what you need to know. Connect with us today to grow your coin collecting knowledge.